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The neighborhood was the material and symbolic unit that helped to deploy an identity narrative. "We are from here," said its inhabitants, whether they are morrinos, cavanchinos, matarifes or Pueblo Nuevo, among many others. The neighborhood was as it is said in the sociological jargon the imagined community.

Teniente Ibañez Neighborhood


Popular Religiosity

In very simple words, it can be defined as the religion of the people, which holds the understanding of the society regarding its daily problems. In all the possible manifestations, the dialogue with the sacred is linked to solving specific health and work problems. In its origin, whether Marian or Pentecost, popular religiosity can be shown in the life story of those who obtain religion by practicing cult to the “animitas,” (a very small sanctuary that marks the place where someone died) the Marian pilgrimage to La Tirana, Las Peñas or Ayquinas, for example.